The first stage of changes the City Council plan to make following Government guidance on reallocating road space to help social distancing have been announced. Changes are being made to shopping areas around the city to create more space for pedestrians to allow for more social distancing and initial details for Chillingham Road have been announced.

The initial plans show some changes and upgrades to crossings which should make it easier for people walking or cycling to cross Chillingham Road, as well as wider pavements in places and some changes to parking areas to allow pavements to be widened.

Changes will initially be made using cones and barriers but are likely to get upgraded to more permanent materials once views from people have assessed.

The plans show parking spaces for blue badge uses, wider pavements, an upgrade of the crossing near Rothbury Terrace (possibly to allow cycles to cross) and an additional crossing at Trewhitt Road. Additionally, there will be no entry or exit for vehicles to Tosson Terrace or Trewhitt Road – something that is likely to be similar to where the Avenues meet Chillingham Road.

A website has been launched to detail the changes and provide a facility where you can leave comments.

To see the changes being made to other areas across the city visit